Concrete Raising is the grouting process used to lift concrete slabs and structures back to near original level conditions.
Concrete slabs and structures develop voids below them. These voids allow the slabs to subside. Eventually the slabs will break up and destroy themselves.

Apart from breaking themselves to pieces, subsided slabs are a tripping hazard and a legal minefield.

If you are Property Owner, Commercial Industrial Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Garage Proprietor, etc you need to be aware of these cost saving services. Concrete Raising is the most economical process available to lift concrete structures back to level conditions. It allows you to use the slabs again in hours if need be.

Concrete Raising is the only process that allows control on when and where the lift occurs. Control is in the hands of our operators in our process. This is important because damage can be done to the structure if the lift controls are not in place.

The process like all of our grouting processes is completely environmentally safe because we only use cement grouts – not chemicals. Chemicals are not only dangerous to the environment but they are detrimental to the operators who use them.

Description of the levelling process:

First small 40mm holes are drilled through the surface of the slabs to be levelled.
Next grout is hydraulically pumped through these holes, filling any voids present below the slabs.

Grout is continuely to pumped in the areas that have settled, raising the slabs back to the proper height and matching them with adjacent slabs. The grout will flow below the slabs filling voids during the levelling process.
Zmann Constructions stress complete void filling for a lasting repair.

After levelling has been completed, a durable cement called non-shrink grout is used to patch drill holes flush with the surface.